About Us

BollySitter focuses on creating awareness around Bollywood films and helping parents make an informed decision about allowing their child to watch a particular film. Our reviews are spoiler-free & objective in nature. As an independent group, we provide fair and trustworthy information and tools, along with a discussion forum, so that families can have a choice and a voice about the media they consume.


How We Rate Movies

BollySitter Recommended Age

Every BollySitter review indicates the age-group for which the movie is either appropriate or relevant. This is based on a set of categories (Violence, Sexuality, Language, etc.) and the content we list within those categories.

Parents may, however, decide to either allow or restrict their child to view certain films, regardless of our recommendation, based upon their personal preferences and appetite. We advise them to review each category and its content prior to making their final decision.

BollySitter recommends the following guidelines for the various age groups:

  • G+: General Viewing. Suitable for all ages.
  • 7+: Family Viewing. Content is mild in impact for the categories listed.
  • 10+: Pre-teens and over. Violence / fight sequences are larger than life, criminal acts are depicted without being gory, no foul language or implied sexual situations.
  • 13+: Teens and over. Veiled nudity, some sexual innuendo or fondling, mild language, violent acts with some blood, victim’s grief, other basic criminal acts
  • 17+: Mature audience. Graphic violence, illegal drug use, nudity, sexual intercourse (stimulated), extreme foul language.


BollySitter Family GO Factor

BollySitter looks at several aspects of a film to determine the final “BollySitter GO Factor”.

  • Kids Relevancy:
    • Does the central theme of the film revolve around kids?
    • Is it a story a kid can relate to?
  • Engagement / Family Entertainer:
    • Does the film offer clean, engaging, fun-filled and absorbing entertainment for the entire family?
  • Takeaway Message:
    • Is there a takeaway message from the movie for the kids?
    • Does the movie have any positive role models whose actions can be discussed with children?
    • Are kids exposed to content within the movie that has a true meaning in life?
  • Quality:
    • BollySitter collaborates with “The Review Monk (TRM)” and uses the collated TRM score as the baseline to rate the overall quality of “story/direction/ acting” for a film. Giving more weightage to the TRM score prevents us from assigning a high GO-factor to a low quality film.

These individual scores are then added to arrive at a final BollySitter Family GO Factor score out of five.

Parents should use the “Family GO Factor” in conjunction with the “Recommended Age”. For instance, while a movie may be recommended for the age group “7+”, the “Family GO factor” score will help you decide whether it is even good enough to be watched with a 7+ year old.


Bechdel Test

BollySitter covers the “Bechdel Test” in all reviews. The Bechdel Test was developed by graphic artist Alison Bechdel who recently won one of the MacArthur Genius grants. The test evaluates films for gender bias and objectification of women by checking if a film has

  • At least two women characters who are named,
  • Who talk to each other, and
  • About something other than a man.

Most popular Hindi-language films broadly fail this test since Indian cinema continues to remain strongly patriarchal in nature. Female characters are either objectified as sex objects for the male gaze, or shown to be sacrificing mothers and submissive wives who are happy for the men in their lives to take care of them. Such form of cinema hence continues to reinforce prevailing societal roles and gender norms for women.

BollySitter attempts to bring awareness and greater sensitivity to the issue so that filmmakers and moviegoers take note. Parents should especially be aware of how such films influence a child’s understanding of gender roles at an impressionable age.

Contact us at bollysitter@gmail.com


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