Directed by:     Prabhu Deva

Starring:           Ajay Devgan, Sonakshi Sinha, Yami Gautam, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Manasvi Mamgai

Written By:      Prabhudeva, Shiraz Ahmed. A. C. Mughil

Language:        Hindi

Music by:         Himesh Reshammiya

Produced by:   Gordhan P TanwaniSunil Lulla

Running time:  146 minutes

BollySitter Recommended Age: 12+

BollySitter Family GO Factor: 1.0/5.0

BollySitter Says

If you must insist, the film can be watched by 12+ year-olds but is full of stylized violence, gore and includes some scenes brimming with sexual energy too. Adults could watch it if they leave their brains (& kids) at home and don’t mind masala escapist cinema at its best (or worst for some!)

action jackson seal


Action Jackson is an absurd action comedy that is mainly a star vehicle for Ajay Devgan, and for Prabhu Deva who goes all out to show off the latest borrowed-from-Hollywood special FX for the action sequences.  The film is essentially action scenes and songs put together in random order to fill up a feature length film. The film is a revenge action drama in which the main lead, who worked for underworld don eventually turns tables against him.


The film is full of violent scenes including endless killings & shootings with guns; plenty of blood and dead bodies are shown. Some of it is highly stylized, however, other sequences border on gore. There are realistic fight sequences shown with knives and swords ala Tarantino and Rodriguez. Bottles are broken on people’s head, plenty of people get stabbed & sliced and take this, toothpicks are used as a weapon for mass destruction, no less.  Two friends are even shown slapping each other often, just for you know, fun! It doubles as a “slap”-stick comedy too!

Intense & Frightening scenes

There are numerous frightening scenes involving chases, screams & loud background music. There are scenes involving car blasts & fire that are intense.  The film is basically a feature length intense action sequences broken by random comic (apparently) sequences and foot-tapping (seemingly) numbers to give some respite to the audience from the high kinetic energy.


There is some crass sexual behavior shown where one of the girls thinks her luck changes for better if she sees her man naked. The villain’s sister lives a heavily sexualized existence and wants a man desperately. There are many scenes of seduction and making out though no kissing or sex is shown. One of the female characters is shown backless in one of the scenes and wearing a skimpy two piece bikini in some others.


Language is surprisingly mild with only minor cuss words like Harami and Kutta being used.

Drinking, drugs, & smoking

There are many scenes of drinking and smoking shown throughout the film. In one scene a serving of coffee is drugged and consumed.

Discussion Points

One of the leads is shown in a Robinhood-esque role of a large hearted goon! Other than this, the film is just an escapist cinema which leaves your mind as soon you leave the cinema hall!  Parents, if you do end up watching the film, how about using this film as a way to teach kids and your other friends about lack of quality is a masala film like this.  Such mindless films are made all too often in Indian cinema and lapped up by audience who make it a blockbuster. You can discuss the lack of any message, cinematic quality or art in a film like this and suggest alternate films that should get more attention and recognition. If educated audience such as ourselves don’t reject such films, these films will continue to get made. There are many other films that are also escapist, masala & offer wholesome family entertainment which are well made with a lot of effort put in the art & craft of cinematic storytelling.

Bechdel test 0/3

Movie does have three main female characters but they don’t interact with each other at all.

For the quality of the film, check out the reviews on


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