MARY KOM (2014)

Directed by : ​Omang Kumar
Produced by :   Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Starring : Priyanka Chopra, Darshan Kumaar, Sunil Thapa, Zachary Coffin
Written By : Saiwyn Qadras , Ramendra Vasishth
Music By : Shashi – Shivamm
Running time :​ 122 Minutes

BollySitter Recommended Age : 10+

BollySitter Family GO Factor: 3.5/5.0

The Review Monk TRM Score: 6.2/10


A transient account of events in the life of boxing legend Mary Kom who fought adversities in life to relentlessly pursue her love for boxing and become the World renowned boxing champion that she is known as today. Priyanka Chopra has put her heart and soul in the role as the lead protagonist in this biopic.


The opening scene has a curfew situation where disruption is shown on the streets at the night time. There is a fighting scene between the protagonist and a street fighter where blood is shown on former’s face. Since the movie is based on a boxer’s life, the sequences showcasing boxing matches exhibit extreme aggression by the boxers but no excessive blood and gore is shown in the movie.

Frightening Scene

There are couple of hospital scenes depicting child birth and an intense surgery which may perturb children’s sensitivity. Parental guidance is advised during these scenes.


There is no kissing scenes or any kind of nudity shown except for one brief wedding kiss between the protagonist and her husband.


The language is bereft of any kind of profanity. The dialogues are simple and suitable for children.

Drinking, drugs, & smoking

There is no smoking scene. Supporting cast drinking alcohol and some empty alcohol bottles are shown in couple of brief sequences.


The strength, grit, determination and focus displayed by the sporting legend are depicted in the movie. The movie also shows her extremely angry nature and fighting streak against any kind of injustice meted out to those around her. Some sequences showcased Government authorities’ apathy towards the welfare of the players.

Bechdel test 2.5/3

Mary Kom shared a relationship of trust with her mother who, since her childhood, stoically stood behind her and supported her in her pursue of boxing as a career. Solidarity is shown amongst the women players of Manipur female boxing team who whole heartedly supported Mary Kom during the matches. There is a brief sequence where her rapport with a female journalist is shown.

Talking Points

Parents can talk to children about how to be focused and realize your dream by overcoming any adverse situation. They can also talk about the hardship faced by people living in North East India and how they live through tough social and political conditions through resilience and hard work. Why many young women still don’t have a voice in the patriarchal society and how married women aren’t expected to take their profession/career seriously. Parents can talk to kids about how corruption in Indian public offices affects success of deserving sportspersons.

Bottom line

The movie is a biopic on the life of a living sports legend. Though some of the sequences seem fictionalised and dramatized to suit the frame of a Bollywood movie, yet the movie has been able to capture the essence of the life of Mary Kom. Movie showcased how she fought all the obstacles to overcame many adversities in personal and professional sphere of her life to achieve her goals and in the end note, it is mentioned how she still continues to pursue the sport wholeheartedly despite of having a family and three children to look after.

The film makes a good watch for the entire family and can be inspirational for children in many ways.

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